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2023 N.C. Peach Festival


Dear Vendor,


Beginning this year, POWER (120V & 240V) WILL BE AVAILABLE TO ALL VENDORS, AT NO CHARGE. GENERATORS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED AT THE N.C. PEACH FESTIVAL - this is to reduce noise pollution for everyone. If you need power for your booth you must provide your own drop cords and any adaptors needed to power your display. The N.C. Peach Festival WILL NOT have power cords or adaptors available for vendor use. So, please come prepared.

Second, there will be changes with vendor placement this year. All Food Vendors will be placed at the top of the hill opposite the Marketplace, along Depot Street. If we need to extend placement of Food Vendors - we will place them along Page Street or Railroad Street. Food Vendors will no longer be able to set up on Tomlinson Street. Again, all Food Vendors will be placed in booth spaces on Depot Street, and once assignments are made, do not ask to be moved. Tomlinson is becoming way too congested and this will provide more room for festival goers.

These changes have been made to make the N.C. PEACH FESTIVAL experience run more smoothly for our vendors and festival goers. Please download the Vendor Application below, fill it out and return it by the May 5th deadline. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you all this Summer! 


Tammy K. Kellis

Festival Coordinator

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